PhD and Postdocs

PhD scholarships:


[1] PhD thesis by Jon Steinar Gardarsson Myrdal, Technical University of Denmark, Computational screening of new carbon-neutral energy materials (Defended, February 2013)

[2] PhD thesis by Jonathan Højberg, Haldor Topsøe A/S, Fundamental mechanisms in Li-air battery electrochemistry (Defended, April 2015)

[3] PhD thesis by Yedilfana S. Mekonnen, Technical University of Denmark, Computational Analysis and Design of New Materials for Metal-Air Batteries (Defended, November 2015)

[4] PhD thesis by Kristian Bastholm Knudsen, Technical University of Denmark, Alkali Metal-O2 Batteries – Performance and lifetime limiting effects (Defended, February 2016)

[5] PhD thesis by Andreas Elkjær Christensen, Lithium Balance A/S, Management of Li-air batteries – Diagnostics and Performance (Defended, March 2016)

[6] PhD thesis by Mie Møller Storm, Technical University of Denmark, Preparation and Characterization of Cathode Materials for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries (Defended, August 2016)

[7] PhD project by Leanne Chen, Computational analysis of metal-air batteries (on-going), Stanford University

[8] PhD project by Mathias Kjærgård Christensen, Technical University of Denmark, Next generation rechargeable batteries: sustainable and abundant materials (on-going)


Postdoc scholarships:

[1] Dr. Supti Das, Technical University of Denmark

[2] Dr. Rajnish Dhiman, University of Southern Denmark

[3] Dr. Reza Younesi, Technical University of Denmark

[4] Dr. Francis Richey, Stanford University and Berkeley

[5] Dr. Tim Brandt van Driel, Technical University of Denmark

[6] Dr. Marie Lund Traulsen, Technical University of Denmark

[7] Dr. Kristian B. Knudsen, Technical University of Denmark